FadaDance is a prairie-based contemporary dance troupe with a repertoire that includes fire dancing, Kathak and comedic dance, producing a fusion of these various dance styles in original and imaginative works.  They collaborate extensively with musicians to explore the natural connections between dance and music.  Much of this work originates in the folk festival circuit where they have joined forces with musicians from the U.S., Scotland and Canada.

 La Raquette à Claquette

The music of La Raquette à Claquettes is steeped in many traditions, which are all linked to roots music in one form or another. From bluegrass to string band, from traditional Country to Eastern European folk music, from Sea Shanties to Celtic Rock, these guys have seen it all. La Raquette à Claquettes is a tasty blend of warm vocals, spicy humour and savory stories, served over great melodies and churned to an irresistible beat.

DEF3 & Oye!

Danny Fernandez aka DEF 3 is a Regina, Saskatchewan Based emcee whose work has paved the way for the provinces Hip Hop scene. His honest approach to his music stands out amongst today's watered down commercial music scene yet still maintains an appeal to all genres. His music represents exactly who he is and where he is from. Since his first record, released in 2003, he has continued recording with 6 more releases and continues to perform on a regular basis. He has performed everywhere and anywhere, to all types of crowds from award ceremonies, pubs, clubs, galas, festivals and coffee shops. Def3 leads the group Oye!, a heavily latin influenced group portraying a cultural blanket of styles and age, combining hip-hop, salsa, cumbia, folk, jazz, rock and funk.

Scott Collegiate Hip Hop Project v3.0

The Scott Collegiate/ IMP Labs Hip Hop project is a collaborative initiative between Scott Collegiate and the Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs housed in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina. The Hip Hop Project version 3 (HHPv3) consists of fourteen Scott Collegiate students in grade 10, spending their mornings earning English and Arts Ed credits while learning about Hip Hop culture. Along with time in their classroom at Scott Collegiate, the students spend two mornings a week in the IMP Labs at the University of Regina. Students are mentored by local Hip Hop DJs, MCs, B-Boys/ B-Girls, and graffiti artists along with the IMP Labs assistants. In one of the studios outfitted with 8 sets of turntables, students learn the art of scratch, beat juggling, and mixing records. In the other IMP Labs’ studio, students learn how to use the MPC beat-making machine and computer software (Ableton Live, Reason) to create music.

Now in its third incarnation, the project includes an added focus on health and wellness. In addition to time in the classroom and the IMP Labs, students spend one morning a week at flux CrossFit (with the option to come any day after school as well), learning what it means to live a healthy lifestyle by leading an active life and eating well. The primary purpose of attending flux CrossFit is to give the students an opportunity to develop their athleticism, and to understand the rigorous physical commitment required for breakdancing.

DJ Hippo

Working in the IMP labs as a research assistant and DJ instructor, Shea Riley (DJ Hippo), has been spinning music for eight years.  With a specialty in house music, expect to hear your favorite tunes blended and mashed as Shea takes you on a remix ride through the night.

Little Miss Higgins

Over the past five years, Little Miss Higgins – descried as a “pocket-sized powerhouse” but Richard Knechtel in Owen Sound Sun Times – has built a strong national reputation throughout Canada, appearing in clubs and festival stages in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Owen Sound, and Canso, Nova Scotia performing traditional songs but also her own original music that picks up on blues styles of the past, but remains very much her own expression. As a songwriter, she has been influenced by a range of artists from Memphis Minnie, Billy Holiday, Big Bill Broonzy to Joni Mitchell.


Lindsay Knight aka “Eekwol” is a hip hop artist who is a member of Muskoday First Nation, Treaty Six Territory. She has a BA in Indigenous Studies from the University of Regina, and many years of dedication to and knowledge of hip hop which she had combined to create some original roots music for all communities. Lindsay is a strong believer in maintaining traditional Plains Cree thought in all aspects of life including language, teachings, and child raising. She enjoys hanging out with her family (son, Keesik and husband, Randy), music, running, travel and all that comes with living in the Plains Cree Territory now known as Saskatoon, SK.

DJ Quartz

DJ Quartz is a prolific Regina DJ with a breadth of experience ranging from internationally broadcast radio shows to a wide array of live events. out of England and broadcasts over the internet. Quartz spins R&B, Funk, Disco, Soul and Electro.