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The U of R Women was founded in 1963, under parliamentary procedures, the election of officers, and a constitution to guide the operations of the organization. The program of activities available to the membership is broad and varied, and all women who are affiliated with the University of Regina are welcome to join.

Each academic year begins with a Welcome Back Reception to welcome new members and reconnect with returning members. During the year, a variety of events are scheduled for the membership to enjoy. In previous years, some of these activities have included, among others: expert antique appraisals; visits to places of interest in the province; and guest speakers renowned in their field of specialization, such as artists, historians, writers, musicians, and provincial leaders.

Members may join any of several Interest Groups, such as the Bridge group for card players; for avid readers, the Book Club; and if food interests you, the Cooking Group or the Culinary Adventurers Restaurant Group. To participate in the interest groups, membership in the organization is mandatory. These interest groups meet independently and welcome you.

A brief history was prepared to celebrate the Club's 50 Year Anniversary completed in March of 2013. The history highlights the Club's social action and service to the University of Regina. The introduction in 1990 of a contributory bursary fund is just one of the ways women of the Club support the U of R. Each year a bursary is awarded to a deserving University of Regina female student. In the fall of 2013 a bursary in the amount of $3,000, a special celebration of the Club's 50 years, will be awarded to a female student in Engineering. U of R Women is proud of its commitment and contributions to the University of Regina community.

The U of R Women annual membership fee is $20.