Stand-Up UofR


Stand-Up UofR: Trial of A Sit-Stand Workstation

* Participant recruitment complete – Fall 2017;  Data analysis currently underway! *

Stand-Up UofR  is a collaboration between the PA-Epi Lab and the Human Resources-Health, Safety & Wellness Unit, assessing the feasibility and impact of a sit-stand adjustable workstation for full-time office workers at the University of Regina.

UofR office workers (faculty and staff) volunteered for this study evaluating the benefits of an adjustable sit-stand workstation. The sit-stand workstation is set up at an individual’s regular desk.

Participants were asked to take part in 3 1-week assessments, 2-4 weeks apart, including:

  • 1st assessment: Questionnaire + Height/Weight measurements + 1-week wearing an activity monitor with usual desk set-up;
  • 2nd assessment: A 1-week trial a sit-stand desk including activity monitor + questionnaire;
  • 3rd assessment: Repeat of baseline with usual desk-set-up, wearing activity monitor for 1 week.

Participants received an ergonomic assessment of their current work set-up, their personalized results from the activity monitor, an education package and a 1-day pass to the UofR fit centre.

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            Supported by:

Ergotron (PRNewsFoto/Ergotron, Inc.)

 logo_green  President’s Research Seed Grant

This study has been reviewed and received approval
through the Research Ethics Board, University of Regina.