Lost & Found

*sad Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background*

water bottles

Lost. Abandoned. Forgotten.

These are the water bottles at the Archer Library’s lost and found.  For the cost of a reshare, you can help reunite them with their owners.  Won’t you please help out these beverage containers?

Here’s some Library Lost & Found info you may not know:

  • We have a lost & found!
  • Once a week, we pack up unclaimed lost & found items and send them to the campus’ main lost & found office in the Classroom Building (room 113). If your lost item isn’t in the library, it might be there.  Don’t give up hope!
  • Lost items of a sensitive or valuable nature (eg. wallets) are turned in to Campus Security.

If you think you may have lost something in the library, please see staff at the Help Desk.  You can also call (306-585-4133), email, or send us a chat message.