Lab Trainees and Staff


Delaine Ammaturo

Delaine Ammaturo is a doctoral student in clinical psychology.  She was admitted into our  graduate program after completing her honours psychology degree at the University of Calgary. The focus of her undergraduate research was health psychology. Continuing within the same broad area of investigation as a graduate student she completed her Master's thesis by investigating the ability of informal caregivers to systematically evaluate the pain experience of older adults with and without dementia. As one of her hobbies, Ms. Ammaturo developed a healthy foods blog that was featured in the Huffington Post.


Erin Browne

Erin Browne is a doctoral student in clinical psychology.  She completed her M.Sc. in Health Psychology at the University of Northern British Columbia where she worked with Dr. Kenneth Prkachin who is a widely recognized authority in non-verbal pain expressions. Her graduate work has been supported, in part, through a national fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  Ms. Browne has published in this area and has taught university level Health Psychology.  During the summer of 2016 she represented our lab at the national workshop on innovation (organised by the AGE WELL Network of National Centres of Excellence) where she won first prize in the one-minute pitch competition.  An avid snowboarder, Ms. Browne, is keen to try kite-snowboarding at the Canadian Plains.


Louise Castillo

Ms. Castillo is an honours student at the Health Psychology laboratory. She is involved in a variety of projects focusing on pain in older adults.  She is one of the top undergraduate students at the University of Regina.


Natasha Louise Gallant

Natasha Gallant, a fluently bilingual student, is enrolled into our doctoral program in clinical psychology.  She was admitted into our clinical psychology graduate program after completing her honours psychology degree at Huron College, University of Western Ontario. As an undergaduate student, Ms. Gallant pursued research on pain phenomena which provided excellent preparation for her graduate work at the Health Psychology Laboratory. She completed her Master's thesis while investigating the role of social support in the pain experience of older adults. Her Master's work is being funded, in part, by a Fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  In her spare time Ms. Gallant enjoys playing piano and the guitar.


Rhonda Stopyn

Rhonda Stopyn is a graduate student in gerontology at the Health Psychology Laboratory. She joined our lab after completing her undergraduate degree at Victoria College, University of Toronto.  She is an avid pianist and a kickboxing enthusiast!

Vivian Tran

Ms. Tran joined the Health Psychology Lab after completing her Honours Degree at the University of Alberta. She also completed specific training in long-term care and has conducted research with older adults for almost two years.


Emily Winters

Ms. Winters (Inuk-Settler, she/her) joined our laboratory after completing a Master's degree in Experimental Psychology at Memorial University where she was funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Fellowship. Her previous work has been presented at a variety of conferences. Her research interests include Indigenous health psychology and substance use.


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  • Help Us Spread Information About Pain in Dementia (#SeePainMoreClearly)

    27 Sep 2019

    With the support of organizations such as the AGE-WELL NCE and stakeholders, we launched a large-scale social media campaign #SeePainMoreClearly on October 1, 2019, the International Day of Older Persons. Help our knowledge mobilization effort by viewing our 2-minute informational video on YouTube which addresses the problem of pain under-management/underassessment in older adults with dementia, along with evidence-based solutions. We also encourage you to fill out our brief video evaluation questionnaire Resources can be accessed through Join our conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SeePainMoreClearly! If you have other ways of helping with this initiative, please contact Louise Castillo (