File Hills suicide attempts (Kenneth Stonechild and Reginald Keewatin)

After much correspondence regarding Kenneth Stonechild‘s attempted suicide (i.e. Dr. Thomas’s claim that “a great deal of time is wasted in all educational institutions in seeking to educate boys and girls with a low IQ),  O.E Rothwell, Director of the Psychopathic Department, reports to Dr. Simes that Kenneth is “undoubtedly deaf and has considerable difficulty in the school classroom, and as a result of this he claims that the teacher would get out of patience with him at times and “Boxed his ears”, I believe he said. He is quite emotional and cried when telling about it. I suppose that it was not as bad as that, but rather he himself was not anxious to remain in school. No doubt these children of the wild are even more inclined to want to be out of School in the wide open spaces than a white child, so it would not be very unusual if he did feel that way about school.” Nov. 16, 1939

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