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Born and raised in Taixing, China, Dr. Xia Ji went to West China University of Medical Sciences (now known as the West China Center of Medical Sciences in Sichuan University) with the dream to study medicine and become a medical doctor. Instead, Xia got a B.A. degree in English for Medical Science and Technology and discovered the amazing work of environmental education through participation in the Keepers of the Waters community engagement projects in Chengdu and Tibet, China. These projects eventually led to the creation of the Living Water Garden – the first inner city ecological park in China devoted to ecological restoration and environmental education. Upon graduation, Xia continued to graduate studies at the University of Minnesota and received her M.Ed. degree in Environmental Learning and Leadership, and her Ph.D. degree in Science and Environmental Education.


In China, Xia taught English to freshmen medical school students and to a multi-age elementary class. While in Minnesota she taught outdoor and environmental education classes in various nature centers and at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning. Before moving to Regina Xia Ji worked at the University of Minnesota in various roles such as a teaching assistant, a research assistant, a graduate instructor, and an academic advisor. Xia taught graduate courses such as global environmental education, elementary and middle school science methods courses. She supervised scores of elementary and middle school pre-service teachers during their student teaching experiences. Xia also initiated and co-led a global seminar course in Sichuan, China to teach students from U.S. and China about community involvement in Water Resources Issues in China. Xia Ji likes to build upon the relationships she has developed with various educators and researchers in the international community, to continue her international work and research.


Currently, Xia is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. She teaches the nature of science and science methods courses to pre-service elementary and middle school teachers. Xia Ji’s research interests originated from her work at the University of Minnesota as a Research Assistant on a United States Information Agency funded CUAP (College and University Affiliations Program) research project focused on multidimensional citizenship education, global environmental education, and teacher education. In her dissertation research, Xia studied the significant life experiences of teacher educators/ environmental educators in China, and the relationship between their life experiences and their conceptual understanding of environmental education. To summarize, Xia is interested in studying educators’ life experiences; educators’ conceptions of environmental education and sustainability and how these conceptions impact their practices professionally and personally; the relationship between global environment changes and educational policy and practices; multidimensional environmental citizenship education; use of environmental and community issues as integrating contexts for learning; and teacher identity formation.


Xia Ji just moved to Regina with her husband Sakar and two young daughters. Xia Ji is an experienced Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) counsellor, and loves to listen to people’s stories. She enjoys reading, hiking, singing, mindful living, and most of all, playing with her two amazing children,  Lishing and Ann Shing.



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