New Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

We have a new certificate program starting Spring 2017!

Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (TESM)

This program provides experiences to deepen one’s understanding of mathematics concepts, with courses in number sense, spatial reasoning, and modeling and representation, as well as courses in culturally responsive pedagogy, inclusive education, and research in the field of mathematics education.

Current Education students can begin taking courses towards the certificate before you have completed your BEd. If you are interested, check out these NEW Education Mathematics courses being offered starting in July!!

These courses can satisfy an Education Elective in your program or you can use them towards the new Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics Education (TESM).

Spring/Summer 2017

EMTH 327: Modeling & Representation for the Elementary School Mathematics Teacher (July- Monday-Thursday 1300-1545)
This course develops mathematical content knowledge related to modeling and representation through multiple approaches to learning, including using manipulatives and technologies for mathematical sense-making and communications. Topics include modeling and representing quantitative relationships (algebraically and graphically), patterns, linear/non-linear functions, proportional relationships, and real-world situations using statistics and probability.

EMTH 425: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom (July- Monday-Thursday 800-1045)
In this course, students think critically about, and plan for, culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) in school mathematics. Focusing on the theory and practice of CRP-related issues, including social justice, equity, Indigenous education, ethnomathematics, and linguistically-diverse learners, the course is grounded in critical, anti-oppressive, and inquiry-based philosophies.

Fall 2017

EMTH 426: Research in Mathematics Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (Mondays 1630-1915)
Students engage in critical analysis and review of current research in mathematics curriculum, instruction and assessment. Drawing on critical and inquiry-based perspectives, the theory and practice of research in the field of mathematics education are explored in the contexts of SK mathematics curriculum development and individual classroom-based research.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Student Program Centre by calling 306-585-4537 or come by ED 228 to talk to an advisor.

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