New appointment – Educational Psychology

Dr. Marc Spooner is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.  Previous to his current appointment,  Marc was a part-time professor (2000-2006) in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa where he also received his doctorate.  His degrees include a MA (Education), a BA (Honours) Psychology, and a BEd with basic qualifications in primary, junior, intermediate, and senior levels.

His research interests involve interdisciplinarity, creativity, deviance, “at-risk” youth, social justice, advancing teaching and learning, and qualitative research methods.  His past and present research focuses on fostering creativity in educational environments, bringing constructivism into the 21st century, homelessness and other “at-risk” or otherwise marginalised populations, and public interest participatory action research (most notably our campus’s newly created Saskatchewan Public Interest Research Group—SPIRG).  He has published and/or made scholarly presentations both nationally and internationally on each of the aforementioned topics.

Marc’s interests extend into the community.  He is currently involved in a homelessness and those at risk to be homeless study for Regina  and for Service Canada.  Also,  Marc is involved with SPIRG, a student-community participatory action research project aimed at instilling agency and empowerment and community responsibility in our students.

In conclusion, it should be widely known that Marc is very curious, likes to smile, and tries to comb his hair only once a day.


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