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Investigating Our Practices~Regina 2016~Hosted by Faculty

Investigating Our Practices Regina 2016

February 26 and 27 brought undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, K – 12 teachers and others in the field of education together for the second annual Investigating Our Practices ~ Regina conference. On Friday evening, after a wine and cheese reception, Dr. James McNinch brought the keynote presentation entitled, “The (Un)Common Places of Teaching. Saturday included breakfast and lunch and a wide range of presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions on important topics, including:

  • Saskatchewan Drama Ed Assoc. Resources
  • Planning Strategies for History and Content of First Nations and Treaty Education
  • Embodied Methods of Understanding Math
  • The Kinds of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing that are of Value in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Sensing Art: Community Programming
  • From the Void to the Voice
  • Integration over Assimilation: The Need for a Response by our Education System to the Refugee Crisis
  • Rethinking Behaviour Management: Choice/Control Theory and Moving Toward Positive Student/Teacher Relationships
  • Hip Hop Hoop Dance Teachers’ Package
  • Gaga as Movement Practice for Improvisation and Beyond
  • Adult Literacy Matters: Addressing a Program Gap
  • Faculty Perspectives on Teaching in Higher Education: A Case Study
  • Ready or Not: Cooperating Teachers and Stories of Experience
  • Rethinking Behaviour Management: Choice/Control Theory and Moving Toward Positive Student/Teacher Relationships
  • Collective Storytelling, Lifewriting and Literary Métissage
  • Teacher Inquiry and Indigenous Knowledge Practices
  • Witness Not Tourist: Our Journey in Working Toward Reconciliation
  • Teaching Strategies Tried and True from Internship Experience
  • Teaching Money Management/Personal Finances in a Life Transitions 30 class
  • Regina’s Art Supply Exchange and Reuse Initiatives
  • What Do We Say to Children: The Use of Children’s Picture Books for Truth, Decolonization, and Reconciliation
  • Academic Publishing: A Managing Editor’s Perspective
  • Of Land and Living Skies: A Community Journal
  • Animating Children through Extra-Curricular Programs

The conference was well-attended so that each presentation had a good sized group of participants. As icing on the cake (the cake being interesting presentations and conversations), numerous door prizes and great food created a fun and energetic atmosphere. Many thanks to the 2016 IOP Conference Organizing Committee: Kathryn Ricketts, Valerie Triggs, Cindy Rice, Wendy Peart, Keith Adolph, Michele Sorensen & Audray-Anne Montpetit

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