Dean’s message to students, faculty and staff | Covid-19 Precautions

A Note from the Dean to the Students, Faculty, and Staff of the Faculty of Education

Let me begin by thanking everyone in the University, Faculty, and broader education-sector community for their caring and efforts. It will make a positive difference. The past 24 hours and past few days have been disconcerting for many of us and as the level of uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19 has mounted, so too has the need for us to make decisions we never could have imagined making just days ago. That is true not just for those of us who hold administrative roles in the Faculty but also for many of you.

People are understandably nervous and worried as our lives are being impacted in unsettling ways. But the past few days and weeks have demonstrated that we are also caring and thoughtful. It has also become clear how committed people are to take care of each other and our communities. In that light, I will encourage each of us to continue to focus on what we can do to support our families, students, colleagues, and the communities we live in rather than becoming frozen by the prospect of what we cannot do.

We are going to make mistakes as we try to move things forward, and things will not be perfect. However, I commit that I, the Faculty’s Administrative Team, and all of our colleagues will continue to work together in the best ways we can. Finally, I would like to express a sincere thank you to all of you for your extraordinary efforts to-date and as we continue over the weeks to come.

Jerome Cranston, Ph.D.

Dean | Professor Faculty of Education
Faculty of Education

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