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Bac Programme Position Appointment

heather phippsHeather Phipps joins us from the Department of Educational Studies at McGill University, where she is nearing the completion of her Ph.D. She holds a Masters of Arts in Second Language Education from McGill University, a TESL certificate from Lethbridge College, and a B.A./B.Ed. from the University of Lethbridge. While a doctoral student at McGill, Ms. Phipps has been the recipient of numerous graduate scholarships, including the prestigious Doctoral Fellowship award and the Provost doctoral fellowship.

Phipp’s dissertation, Children Speaking to Children: Multimodal Engagements with Contemporary Canadian Picture Books in French Classrooms, is an ethnographic study situated in a public primary school in urban Montreal. It documents young children’s responses to Canadian children’s literature in Grades 1 & 2 French classrooms. Her study highlights the ways in which children engage and respond to both the words and images in diverse Canadian literature, and how they reflect on their own lived experiences in relation to the picture books. Her future research interests include inquiry related to issues of belonging, identity, and community for children and teachers in the context of minority language education in francophone and French immersion schools in the Saskatchewan context and in diverse multilingual contexts across Canada.

Phipps is a published scholar who has presented her work at numerous national and international conferences, serves as a reviewer for several scholarly journals and for the Language and Literacy SIG of CSSE. She has extensive experience as a classroom teacher in a French immersion context, and has also taught education classes at the post-secondary level. She is past president of the McGill University Education Graduate Students’ Society.

Bac Programme Position Appointment

Jöel Thibeault is currently a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. He holds a Masters of Arts in Education from the University of Ottawa, and an undergraduate degree in French language and literature from McGill University. Mr. Thibeault is the 2015 recipient of the Michael Smith Award for research abroad from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), and is a holder of the prestigious SSHRC Joseph-Bombardier scholarship, 2014-2017. He received a Graduate Studies Scholarship from the University of Ottawa, and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Thibeault’s doctoral research focuses on the teaching and learning of French grammar in socio-linguistic minority contexts. His dissertation aims to understand the development of grammatical competence among elementary students in southwestern Ontario, a population of significant Anglophone dominance. Mr. Thibeault’s work lies at the crossroads the didactics of French first language and second language research and will undoubtedly make many contributions to the body of scholarship in French minority language education. In addition, he has been involved in several research teams at the University of Ottawa and the University of Quebec at Montreal that have required significant and sustained work in educational and school contexts.

Thibeault is a published scholar and has presented his scholarly work at numerous national and international conferences. He has several professional publications, and is involved in a number of important local, national, and international associations.

Bac Faculty Member Recipient of Research Grant From ACF

Dr. Fadila Boutouchent

Congratulations to Dr. Fadila Boutouchent who is the successful recipient of a $6,875 grant from Assemble Communautaire Fransaskoise (ACF) for her project entitled The Retention Deficit of Students in Education Programs in French in Saskatchewan: Evaluation of Students From Grades 8 to 11.

This is a notable achievement that will undoubtedly make important contributions to the research and scholarship in French education, not only in Saskatchewan, but also nationally and internationally.

Le Talk Bac 5(3) November 2015

Talk Bac v5 n3 - 2 novembre 2015The First year BAC Field Experience–Another Successful Year at St. Mary School

Those who have read our publication for several years now might be thinking you have already read a similar text, as this is another yet year to thank our colleagues at St. Mary School. However, nothing should be taken for granted; we recognize the efforts of the Director, Maurice St. Amand, and all faculty members and staff of St. Mary school, who welcomed our ECSF 100 students, accompanied by their supervisor, Professor Jean Dufresne, to offer them the opportunity to have a first experience in schools from the perspective of preservice teachers. For six afternoons in October, the Bac students visited classrooms, worked with students and had the opportunity to teach a lesson. This experience in an immersion school allows students – who are only beginning their career in the field of education – to observe and work in a stimulating school environment with curious and committed young students. This experience has enriched all those who benefited. A big thank you to the team at St. Mary School!

A New Strategic Plan for the Faculty of Education

Last spring, the Bac team welcomed our Dean, Dr. Jennifer Tupper, to discuss the first draft of the new strategic plan of the Faculty. Since that meeting, Dr. Fadila Boutouchent, assistant professor tenure-track, has been sitting on the Faculty’s Strategic Plan Working Committee. The second draft has now been completed and following a meeting with the Vice-Deans and Directors, to which the Director of Bac, Dr. Marie Lace Brogden attended last October, all faculty members will have the opportunity to contribute feedback again on the third draft of the plan. Following this internal consultation stage, we expect to send the new draft to our partners who serve on our Bac Advisory Committee to the Dean. This collaborative process is intended to inform the Faculty in establishing the principles that will guide our work over the next five years.

News : Research – Create – Community

Last October 16, Dr. Marie Lace Brogden conducted a service to the university community as a speaker during the Convocation Ceremony.

Xia , J., & Brogden , L.M. (2015 , October). Autoethnography : Side by side by side… Theory and Methods Seminar. Faculty of Education , University of Regina.

Le Talk Bac 5(2) October 2015

Talk Bac v5 n2 octobre 2015

1Talk Bac v5 n2 octobre 2015

September 28 was a day to celebrate the importance of learning languages ​​and the Bac program was present! At the annual Congress of the Association of Teachers of French in Saskatchewan, 22 Bac pre-interns could hasten their employability process, having had the opportunity to participate fully in the activities of the provincial congress during their EDAC (parallel to PLACE initiative with our colleagues from the Faculty’s English programs). This participation was organized by Prof. Jean Dufresne, in collaboration with Prof. Claire St. Cyr Power who sits on the Administrative Council of SATF/APFS . All team members were also there to support both our students and the SATF/APFS!
Talk Bac v5 n2 octobre 2015

Beaulieu-Prpick, L., & Carlson Berg, L. ( 2015, September). Benefits of Master’s Degree to Professional Development. Workshop presented in the context of Congress APFS 2015, Moose Jaw, SK .

On September 17 and 18, Dr. Marie Lace Brogden, with the participation of consultants called ” North ” – Gisèle Rivard and Ms. Janie Generous – facilitated the internship seminar in Saskatoon. This training allows co-op students and Bac students working in Saskatoon and Prince Albert to prepare well for intensive courses in French.


SATF-APFS (@satfapfs) - Twitter 2015-10-05 14-37-41Congratulations to Ms. Hélène Préfontaine of Prince Albert, recipient of the 2015 Prix Rezansoff


le TALK Bac 5(1) September 2015

Talk Bac v5 n1 1er septembre 2015

In this Issue:

  • Celebration of defense: Dr. Fadila ‘s Boutouchent
  • Summer activities
  • The start of the school year

Successful defense of  Fadila Boutouchent’s thesis!

The Bac team congratulates to Fadila Boutouchent, PhD, for the success of her doctoral studies. Dr. Boutouchent, tenure-track member in the Bac team, brilliantly supported her PhD in Educational Sciences in Francophone minority communities at the Université de Moncton (NB). The thesis, entitled Learning and Maintaining a Second or Additional Language French: A Study of Young English-Speaking Canadians, addresses the sociolinguistic factors conducive to learning and maintenance of French second language. With the Bac program, Dr. Boutouchent teaches professional development courses to the first year and preinternship levels. She teaches courses in science education and a specific course for teaching in Francophone minority context (CFM ). She is also in the field of research related to CFM, including collaboration with other universities. Dr. Boutouchent is interested in understanding issues such as initial training requirements, developing the sense of belonging and identity in an out group, and science education in CFM. She serves on the selection committee, the French Institute and the Admissions Committee, Studies & Scholarships of the Faculty of Education. Nationally, Dr. Boutouchent University Consortium is a member of ACPI.
Fadila Congratulations!

Back to School 2015
The Bac team prepares enthusiastically welcome the new cohort 2015-2016 with more than thirty é Entries in Bac are slightly higher compared to those of last year. In addition , it should be noted that 29 é continue their internship this session , and so will spend four months in schools. This important step in the initial training is also very appreciated by é preparing to soon launch their teaching careers. We thank all the schools that ” un.e of us” this fall!

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Community Involvement
Dr. Marie Lace Brogden and Dr. Laurie Carlson Berg participated as volunteers at the Northwest Regional Conference Symposium of the Society of International Educators DKG, in the month of July. Dr. Brogden served as Captain Wellness while Dr. Carlson Berg helped with registration and reception of the participants, the latter reaching five different Canadian provinces, over 18 American states and Norway.

Congratulations on Successful Defence

Dr. Fadila Boutouchent
Dr. Fadila Boutouchent

Congratulations to Dr. Fadila Boutouchent, a lecturer in the Faculty of Education’s Programme du baccalauréat en éducation, who successfully defended her dissertation titled Apprentissage et maintien du français langue seconde ou additionnelle: Une étude auprès des jeunes Canadiens anglophones.

Dr. Boutouchent completed her doctoral work at the Université de Moncton (NB) where she was supervised by Dr. Rodrigue Landry and Dr. Réal Allard, professeurs émérites en éducation. The external examiner, Dr. Richard Clément, Director of the Official Language and Bilingualism Institute / Institut des langues officielles et du bilinguisme OLBI / ILOB, University of Ottawa / Université d’Ottawa outlined the excellent contribution of Fadila’s research to knowledge regarding bilingualism. Félicitations!

“We are so delighted to be able to celebrate this success with her!” ~ Dean Jennifer Tupper

Le Talk Bac, 4(5) June 2015

At the zoo, John and Grandpa saw three monkeys. The monkeys were doing biochemistry.

Third year students create mini-books
A visual and successful literary boom!
In the didactics of art education courses, Bac elementary education program preinternship students deployed a wealth of imagination to combine children’s literature and visual arts under the guidance of lecturer Prof. Lambert Anne Brochu. The Results: mini hand bound books showing great aesthetic qualities while playing the role of a multifaceted educational tool. These mini- books address curricular concepts such as the spreadsheet, storytelling, folk song or original texts like visiting the zoo, while rising to the challenge of making a synthesis of artistic concepts studied, keeping in mind the target audience of schoolchildren learning!

News : Research – Create – Community

Dr. Lace Marie Brogden received a $4,857 grant for her research project entitled “Beyond the Classroom: Career Paths of French language teachers in English-dominant environment.”

Dr. Laurie Carlson Berg received a grant of $2,000 for her publishing project: The Canadian Francophonie in all its Colors and the Challenge of Inclusive Education: Practical Approaches in the Classroom (Presses de l’ Université Laval).

Both grants were awarded by the Institut français’ Centre de recherche sur les francophonies en milieu minoritaire (CRFM) as part of its annual research grant competition.

Sperlich, T., & Brogden, L. M. (2015). Rural museum spaces as catalysts for collaborative research: Detours and possibilities. Journal of Museum Ethnography, 28, 70–84.


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