Bac Students at The Witness Blanket

Fourth year Baccalauréat en éducation students viewed The Witness Blanket, an exhibit created out of reclaimed items from residential schools, churches, government buildings, and traditional and cultural structures to give tribute to those who experienced residential schools, and to allow others to bear witness to the experiences of residential school survivors.

Carly Scherr, a student in the Bac program, responds to viewing this installation:

“Je me sens vraiment fière que l’Université de Regina a donné aux étudiantes et aux publiques l’occasion de voir cette œuvre si importante à notre identité canadienne, peu importe nos relations avec les écoles résidentielles.”

“I feel very proud that the the University of Regina provided its students and the public the opportunity to experience this work of art that is so important to our Canadian identity, no matter our relation to residential schools.”

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