Announcement: Dean of Education

Dean Jennifer Tupper. Photo credit: Shuana Niessen

On March 17,  the Board of Governors at the University of Alberta formally approved my appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Education at their institution for a five year term beginning July 1, 2017. As such, I am resigning from my position at the University of Regina effective June 30th.

It is with mixed emotions that I take my leave from the University of Regina and from the amazing faculty, staff, and students I have had the privilege of working alongside these past 13 years. I have grown as a scholar, researcher, teacher-educator, and leader at this incredible institution and am grateful for the many opportunities and supports I have received since taking up my initial academic position in 2004. I deeply value the scholarly and professional relationships I have developed while at the U of R and will miss this place and its people.

Having said that, becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the U of A is a tremendous honor and privilege. As an alumnus of both the undergraduate teacher education and doctoral programs at the U of A, this new role affords me the opportunity to give back to an institution that has been an incredibly important part of my journey as an educator & academic. In this respect, it is very much a homecoming. I am looking forward to building new relationships, exploring new possibilities, providing strategic leadership and serving such a dynamic Faculty and University.

I will continue to work hard for the University of Regina and Faculty of Education for the duration of my time here and am committed to facilitating a smooth transition to an interim dean.

Dean Jennifer Tupper

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