Dr. Cindy Hanson a 2016 Global Citizen Award Recipient

Dr. Cindy Hanson’s Global Citizen Award profile

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Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Hanson, a recipient of the 2016 Global Citizen Award!

In 1990 the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation initiated the Global Citizen Awards. These special awards recognize Saskatchewan people who make amazing contributions to international development, cooperation, peace and justice.

Global Citizens are nominated and selected through a peer review process and receive their awards during annual International Development Week celebrations. In the past 25 years, more than 100 people and organizations have received the Global Citizen Award. Over the years, award winners have been varied, including teachers, youth, community-workers, politicians and those working in the field overseas.


“Dr. Hanson, through her research, teaching, and scholarship, lives her commitment to justice and activism.”

~Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean

25408129_25408129_xlDr. Hanson’s most recent SSHRC-funded research explores intergenerational learning in Indigenous  textile communities of practice in both Canada and Chile. From this work, she has co-authored with Heather Fox Griffith and Romina Bedogni (doctoral candidates), a self-published book entitled, Tejiendo Historias entre Géneraciones / Weaving Stories Between Generations.



A news feature on the U of R website regarding Cindy’s Award:


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