University of ReginaCentre on Aging and Health (CAH)

Professional Associates

Professional Associates are clinicians or other professionals who work with older adults (e.g., practicing social workers, nurses, lawyers, older adult educators, health care administrators).

Delaine Ammaturo, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Health psychology, aging, pain. 


Lisa Berg-Kolody, Ph.D.

Prince Albert Mental Health Centre

Research Interests: geriatric mental health 


Mary Brachaniec

Care (Patient) Partner, New Brunswick

Research Interests: Patient engagement, pain, dementia, knowledge translation

Clinical Interests: Improving assessment and management of pain in dementia especially for those in long-term care. Improving pain care services and access to self management programs and support for those with chronic pain. 

Brachaniec has experience as a physiotherapist, chronic pain patient, and as a caregiver for her parents during their dementia journeys.




Joanne Bracken

Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan


Theresa Dever Fitzgerald, PhD.

Private Practice, Regina, SK

Research Interests: Pain assessment, seniors, dementia, falls


Juliet Okwuchi Ekeh

University of Saskatchewan 

Research Interests: Aging, women's health, osteoporosis,anxiety and stress disorders.

Clinical Interests: Cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases



Shannon Fuchs-Lacelle, Ph.D.

Private Practice, Regina, SK

Research Interests: Pain assessment in seniors with severe dementia, ethics

Clinical Interests: CBT psychotherapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, adult neuropsychological assessment


Omeed O. Ghandehari, Ph.D.

Nova Scotia Health Authority, Mental Health and Addictions


Research Interests: Older Adults, Chronic Pain, Abnormal and Normal Aging, Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Pain, Assessment of Psychopathology


Amanda Lints-Martindale, Ph.D.

University of Manitoba

Research Interests: Pain Sensitivity in Seniors with Dementia

Clinical Interests: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


Katherine Owens, Ph.D.

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Research Interests: Health anxiety, anxiety, health psychology, assessment, normative data, norms for seniors, computerized assessment, Hypochondriasis, and Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Interests: Adult Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Adult Psychological Assessment, Adult Neuropsychological Assessment.


Kerry Spice, Registered Psychologist, M.Ed.

University of Regina Counselling Services

Research Interests: Pain and fall prevention


Scott J. Wilson

University of Regina

Research Interests: Illness Narratives, Comics & Aging, Narrative Nonfiction and Aging, Intergenerational Advocacy