University of ReginaCentre on Aging and Health (CAH)

CAH Award for Innovation in Health and Wellness

The Centre on Aging and Health (CAH) Award for Innovation in Health and Wellness serves to recognize Regina-based individuals, groups, or organizations offering health or wellness services to older adults. The award recognizes those who have introduced an innovative approach to service provision or who have conducted field research to evaluate services or programs for older persons. Services may be related to:

  • healthcare and healthcare delivery,
  • mental health,
  • exercise
  • nutrition,
  • social participation and inclusion, and/or
  • community support.

Winners will be presented with the award during a CAH-organized event open to the public (e.g., at the annual University of Regina CAH Distinguished Lecture). Award winners will also be featured in the CAH Newsletter and on the CAH website. The winner will be presented with a commemorative certificate and will be offered formal affiliation with the CAH. The award does not have monetary value.

  1. Nominees cannot be full-time University of Regina employees.
  2. The activity recognized should be taking place within the greater Regina metropolitan area. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider outstanding individuals or groups working and based in rural areas elsewhere in Saskatchewan.
  3. Nominators can only nominate one group, organization, or individual per year.
  4. The primary criterion will be the formal introduction of an innovation that:
    1. improves health or wellness for an older person or for older people, and/or
    2. successfully advocates action leading to health or wellness improvement, and/or
    3. systematically evaluates services for older adults, making recommendations that have led to implemented improvements.
  5. One award will be given per calendar year. The award does not have to be given every year. The adjudication committee will make that decision.
  6. The award does not have monetary value.

Nomination Procedures

Deadline for nominations is October 15 of each year.

Nominations (of 8 pages or less for the complete package of materials) will be accepted from colleagues and/or service recipients or their family members and must include:

o   A short nominee biography

o   A short description of their innovation

o   Letters of support

Nominations are to be submitted to the CAH Administrator, by the above deadline. Late or incomplete nominations will not be accepted. 

Nominations may be made in hard copy or electronic format (here via the form below). For a PDF copy or hard copy of the application form, email 

Consideration of Nominations

An adjudication committee will judge the applications. The committee will consist of two CAH members and the CAH Administrator.

The adjudication committee will report to the Director of the CAH and must render its decision within two months from each nomination deadline.

Nomination Form

Nominee Information

For Nominee Biography, please give a brief description of the nominee. Indicate in what capacity you know the nominee, details about their work or volunteer experience—their affiliation(s) and title(s)—and other details you feel are relevant to this award. 

For Innovation Description, please describe the innovation, the impact of the innovation, and the reasons why the innovation is significant to services or programs for older adults.

Nominator Information

I agree to submit this application, which will now be sent to the adjudication committee. The information presented is accurate and I agree to be contacted should the committee need further information or clarification. I have attached letters of support and have completed the nominee biography and a short description of their innovation.  

For further information, contact: 

CAH Administrator