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Have you ever seen a concert performed on iPads?

Submitted by: Rebecca Caines
Professor, Fine Arts

I do hope you can all make it to see the University of Regina iPad Orchestra in concert this Sunday, December 9th at 5pm, at the Shubox Theatre on campus.

Students from Music and from the new Creative Technologies program will be performing a selection of pieces using the iPad and other devices. Music ranges from popular songs to solo and group free-improvisations. The concert will also demonstrate some of the ways the students have explored creativity in other forms with the iPad, including using the device alongside more traditional instruments, or combining it with other media, including film experimentation, poetry, or DJing. They even created a live graphic score for mobile devices based on their heartbeats. Students chose either to work towards the performance, or to work with Professor David Gerhard on developing new music making software for the iPad, which will also be featured in the concert. The project is an initiative led by myself, Rebecca Caines in the Creative Technologies program, Pauline Minevich from the Music Department and David Gerhard from Computer Science. Students can enroll in the class each Fall (just look under Creative Technologies when you search for classes).

We are really looking forward to seeing the final result of the semesters’ work on Sunday. It has been an exciting project and the students have risen to the challenge. We have been working in the area of improvisation, experimentation, and the interdisciplinary arts –  work that is new to many of the students. The incredible electronic sounds produced by the huge array of instrument apps available on mobile tablet devices opens the door to new types of sound, and new possibilities in music making. The team is particularly excited to see how accessible this new instrument is to students who do not have formal music training, and how it crosses artistic divides, bringing students from across the University together. We really hope the University community will come out to support the students for an enjoyable, stimulating, and unusual evening of creativity and innovation, and did we mention, it’s free!

University of Regina iPad Orchestra concert
Shubox Theatre (Riddell Centre, U of R)
Sunday, December 9, 5 p.m.

Admission: Free!

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