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Architectural beauty of campus captured by filmmaker

Architect Minoru Yamasaki created the original design of campus.  He also designed the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

Submitted by Luke Fandrich
Filmmaker, photographer, and editor

My name is Luke Fandrich and I attended the U of R from 2002 to 2008 as a fine arts student studying film production. I moved to Regina for school and would travel back and forth between my hometown of Medicine Hat, Alberta during the summers. As it turns out, my work in film school gave me the chance to take part in numerous festivals and competitions and provided ample material for my portfolio. Several of my projects went on to screen internationally in the UK, United States, and South Korea. I was even recognized by the Premier of Saskatchewan for a short film I made for a National Film Board of Canada competition during my time in university.

I’m now back in Medicine Hat working for a production company specializing in corporate video, as well as shooting and editing promotional videos for a popular website retailer. While my time has been at a premium since film school ended, it’s been amazing to be able to break into film and video by getting others excited about the potential of the medium. The reality is that neither of my jobs existed before I got my foot in the door and pushed for them to take shape.

In 2006 I created a photo collage video of the university because several of my friends were graduating and I thought they’d appreciate having something a bit nostalgic. The truth is that we had all seen the campus transform in just a matter of years. The new residences and athletics facility, followed by the construction of a new lab building didn’t just change the face of the school, but changed hangout spots and even the routes we’d take to classes. I lived in College West my entire stay in Regina, and maybe it was because the campus was my home away from home that I felt like capturing it. In any case, the video was appreciated and is still something I find myself looking back at.

One of the other videos I made about the school came in the summer of 2007. I was staying in Regina to take summer classes for the very first time, which gave the campus an entirely different feel. Without changing leaves or snow, I made a habit of shooting pictures that summer to remember what it looked like. By this time I had established my film portfolio blog titled, Editing Luke, which gave me a forum to share a lot of my video experiences. I still write and share my random videos on that blog today and actually use a lot of my film school experiences as reference points to try and encourage other young filmmakers to pursue their careers in media.

I think the point of the university photo collages was simply to remember things the way they were. Everything continues to change so quickly and sometimes it’s just nice to have a reminder of where you’ve been to further appreciate where you are now.

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