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The Ecology of Culture commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Cultural Value Project -- by John Holden (January 2015)

Written by John Holden, Visiting Professor at City University, London, the report argues that the UK’s ‘cultural ecology’ is intensively interlinked, with many strengths, but also points of vulnerability. Based on interviews with 38 cultural practitioners and experts from across the cultural field, the report covers a wide variety of cultural forms, including the visual arts, dance, fashion, choral music, popular music, and film.

Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth.

The Warwick Commission's final report is available to download in various formats. Further evidence and research resources from the Commission's year-long investigation are also available, along with initial responses from the cultural and creative sector.

Making Culture Count: The Politics of Cultural Measurement. Eds. MacDowall, L., Badham, M., Blomkamp, E., Dunphy, K.

This book is a collection of diverse essays by scholars, policy-makers and creative practitioners who explore the burgeoning field of cultural measurement and its political implications. Offering critical histories and creative frameworks, it presents new approaches to accounting for culture in local, national and international contexts.

(For UofR researchers, this title is available as an e-book through University of Regina's Archer Library, just follow this link.)