The Shimadzu TOC system consists of a 5000A Analyzer, an ASI Autosampler, a Solid Sample Module (SSM) and associated computer control system. The Analyzer includes a TC combustion unit, an IC digestion unit and a non-dispersive infrared CO2 detection unit.
To analyze total C (TC) in liquid phase, an aqueous sample is introduced by the autosampler into the TC combustion oven, where the carbon components in the sample are combusted to become CO2. The carrier gas that is supplied for combustion contains the CO2 from TC combustion, flows through the inorganic carbon reaction vessel, cools off and is dried by the dehumidifier.

This gas mixture is then sent through a halogen scrubber into sample cell set in a non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer (NDIR) where the amount of CO2 is detected. For inorganic C (IC) analysis, aqueous sample containing IC is injected into IC reactor vessel where carrier gas is flowing in the form of tiny bubbles in the solution acidified by IC reagent. Only IC components in the sample are decomposed to become CO2 which is then detected by NDIR. Total organic C concentration is calculated by the difference between TC and IC.
With a high sensitivity catalyst installed in the TC combustion tube, the detection limit for TC in aqueous samples can be as low as 5 µg/L. Combined with the unique high sensitivity sampling capabilities of this instrument, the added PC control capability offers more precise analysis with a better control for a broad range of applications.


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