Ion Chromatography


The Dionex DX-500 Liquid Ion Chromatography is an advanced system suitable for analyzing the dissolved ion composition of all types of natural waters. A PeakNet WorkStation is used to control the instrument, collect data, process data, and generate reports. Ion separations are performed with different IonPac analytical columns. The separated ions are measured with a CD20 conductivity detector with suppressed conductivity detection.

The EG-40 Eluent Generator with SRS-ULTRA Self-Regenerating Suppressor enhances analytical sensitivity by providing superior suppression of background eluent conductivity, resulting in a significant improvement in analyte detection limits. Coupled with the AS-40 Autosampler, the analytical process is fully automated.

Routine measurements of ions include both anions and cations:

Fluoride (F-) and chloride (Cl-), nitrate (NO3-), phosphate (PO43-), sulfate (SO42-), lithium (Li+), sodium (Na+), ammonium (NH4+), potassium (K+), magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+).

Samples can originate from any aqueous system, whether a lake, stream or interstitial waters, but must be free of debris and aggregated particles. Normally, field collected samples need to be filtered through a 0.20 µm membrane filter. Many simple organic anions, such as citrate and formate, may also be quantified using this system.


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