Our conference was a big success!  The keynote speakers were both received warmly and were interesting and informative.  129 registrants saw a total of 16 sessions and spoke of inspirational speakers and learning new things about IPV.  Participants also spoke about the great opportunity to network with others interested in ending intimate partner violence.

Our conference was well organized and the food was great.  A big thank you to Ann Bishop, RESOLVE Saskatchewan's Project Coordinator, who acted as facilitator.  She was helped immeasurably by a cadre of willing and able volunteers - grad students, administrators, and members of the RESOLVE community from all three regions.

Below are some PowerPoint presentations from some of our session presenters.  They have kindly given permission for us to post them to the site.  Just click somewhere on the title and it will open up in a new window.  Enjoy!

2-A Adjusting to new life in the prairies: Needs of newcomer women who experience intimate partner violence in Saskatchewan.

2-B - Attachment and child health

3-C In a violent home, everyone is a victim

3-D The perfect storm: Family violence in the Bakken Oilfields

4-B  Rural and northern community response to intimate partner violence

4-C The violence link: Animal cruelty and domestic abuse - reducing vulnerability through the Safe Place Program

Below are a few pictures of our event.  Everyone was smiling.  It was a great day even though many of the topics were tough to hear about and discuss. 

Mary Hampton (R) and Darlene Juschka (L).  Mary was presented with a plaque and art work to commemorate her retirement from RESOLVE Saskatchewan.  Darlene was the recipient of the 2018 RESOLVE Award for Saskatchewan.

RESOLVE Award Winner for Alberta,
Gillian Weaver-Dunlop

RESOLVE Award Winner for Manitoba,
Sharon Taylor

RESOLVE Award Winner for Saskatchewan,
Darlene Juschka

Our morning keynote speaker, Corey O'Soup

Our noon hour speaker, Dr. Kim Zorn

Jo-Anne Dusel, Executive Director for PATHS - PATHS co-hosted our event

Checking in.  129 participants were registered for the day.

Some of our intrepid volunteers L to R,
Cyndi Porcher, LeeAnn Goerzen, Jenna Tickell


Mary and friends!  L to R, Darlene Juschka, Ann Bishop, Mary, Wendee Kubik, Brenda Anderson



And our most popular presenter, Merlot (with her handler
Tia Froh, Regina Police Service).  She even has her own
badge.  She's a therapy dog and lovely.

Special Guests!  L to R, Elder Betty McKenna (she "womaned" our Healing Room and is our Guiding Elder in Saskatchewan), Mary Hampton (recently retired Saskatchewan Academic Research Coordinator), Darlene Juschka, Acting ARC and 2018 RESOLVE Award recipient for Saskatchewan, and Kendra Nixon, RESOLVE's new Director.




  Mr. Corey O'Soup, Children's Advocate for the Province
  of Saskatchewan, will speak about how the lack of mental
  health services affect  children and youth.  He will also
  talk about how the Advocate's office assists families
  across the province.



  Dr. Kim Zorn will speak about her research on stalking. 
  She has advised police and justice services in the
  provinces by conducting  seminars on how this form of
  abuse affects its victims.  Dr. Zorn received her Ph.D. at
  the University of Regina and currently practices in