Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), Lake Malawi

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) held in Mangochi, Lake Malawi (March 26-30, 2012); worked with Dr. Vi Maeers, V. Chikasanda, E. Kaphesi to develop and deliver a 5-day workshop in instructional strategies and student assessment for University of Malawi Polytechnic instructors. While in Malawi, I also worked with Bridging Program (WBS 760) faculty (Drs. Nancy Chitera, Lilian Sankhulani, Stella Namalina) at the Polytechnic to review research on Bridging Program results, assist in the development of a paper for presentation at the IVETA conference (to be held in August 2012) and in the development of a report for submission to the University management to support on-going funding for the Bridging Program. [See More]