Contributions to Student Training

Supervisor of Graduate Students:

  • S. Graham (PhD, Mathematics) ongoing
  • C. Danyluk (MEd, Ed Admin) ongoing
  • J. Sundeen (MEd, Mathematics C&I) ongoing;
  • C. Barber (MEd, Mathematics C&I) ongoing;
  • R. Kelsey (PhD, Education) ongoing;
  • T. Stuckless (PhD, Mathematics) on-going;
  • C. Youck-Cousins (MEd, Mathematics C&I) ongoing.
  • S. Graham (MEd, Mathematics) completed 2010;
  • J. Giesbrecht (MEd, Science) completed 2008;
  • M. Morley (MEd, Mathematics and Technology) completed 2007 [co-supervisor];
  • D. Pritchard (MEd, IT) completed 2007;


Thesis Committee Member of Graduate Students:

  • K. Christiansen (MEd Health) ongoing;
  • M. Wernikowski (MEd, Science) completed 2010.
  • L. Friesen (MEd, IT) completed 2007;
  • P. Betts (PhD, Mathematics) completed 2005;
  • J. MacDonald (MEd, Science) completed 2005;
  • J. Boulton (MEd, Mathematics) completed 2004;