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ROOM 176

featuring Kent Allen, Brian Hudson, Bruce McKay, Daniel Maslany, Amy Matysio, and Jodi Sadowsky

in the plays 

A Judgement in Fury 

Nerds Unite 

Wondrous High School

I'll Be Seeing You




and the winners are...

congratulations to these writers, who will be participating in workshops in the next month

watch for the showcase of the HOWL works in May

Alyssa Adams                                                                        A Judgment in Fury

Miller Comprehensive High School , Grade 11


Madison Belle Harvey                                                            I'll Be Seeing You

Winston Knoll Collegiate, Grade 11                       


Brian Hudson                                                                        Buck

Martin Collegiate High School, Grade 9


Kayla Kaminski                                                                     Travelling Book 

Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, Grade 9


Tracy Mead                                                                          The Selfless Act

Martin Collegiate High School, Grade 9


Nikki Mephan                                                                       Wondrous High School

Miller Comprehensive High School, Grade 12


Kiro Noname                                                                       What’s Important?

Martin Collegiate High School, Grade 9


Jadeyn Taylor                                                                      Goldfish & Nerds Unite 

Miller Comprehensive High School, Grade 11                        


The inaugural HOWL in 2006 generated 77 submissions from 8 schools. Originally, there were to be 6 winners, but because of the quality of submissions, the jury selected 10 students, five from Grade 11, and five from Grades 9 & 10. Each winner received a private two-hour session with Colleen Murphy to work on her piece, as well as an opportunity to read at the Arts Education Conference at the University of Regina, as well as books, online publication opportunities and other prizes.


The prizes this year include workshop sessions with playwright and dramaturg Yvette Nolan on the student’s work, the opportunity to work with actors on the development of plays, books, CD’s and a showcase opportunity at the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre Spring Festival in May.   For winning entries of poetry and prose, workshops will be offered by Sage Hill Writing Experience, with a similar showcase opportunity, as well as books and CD's.



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