About HOWL


I don't think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you can nudge the world a little...

Henry, in The Real Thing, by Tom Stoppard 


HOWL is open to all high school students in Regina. Students may write about whatever they wish in the form of a short play, poetry or short fiction. There is a 2,500 word limit and the new deadline is 15 February 2012

Playwright Yvette Nolan, who is helming the project this year, is available to come to schools, to give workshops and offer advice about the craft of playwriting. 

In the new year, a jury will be struck to judge the contest, and will consist of two professors from the University of Regina, a professional writer or playwright from any medium (radio drama or feature films) and a high school teacher. The jury will choose between six and ten winners from all the high schools together - three to five winners from grade 9/10 – and three to five winners from 11/12. Winners will be chosen on the basis of their writing skills which include originality of story, use of language, and a strong, distinct voice.


The Meaning of HOWL

HOWL does not stand for anything but itself: HOWL

1. To utter or emit a long, mournful, plaintive sound. 
2. To cry or wail loudly, as in pain, sorrow, or anger. 
3. To laugh unrestrainedly and heartily. 
4. To wildly express joy. 
To express or utter with a howl. 
n . 
1. A long wailing cry, a loud emotional utterance. 
2. A loud emotional utterance. 
3. Something uproariously funny or absurd. 
Synonyms and related words: 
Utter, cry out, scream, shout, emit, squeal, roar and to drown out or silence by loud derisive calls. To bellow, ululate and wail.
Simply put, howl means to make your voice heard.

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