This project was made possible by funding through grants from the following organizations:


Canadian Institutes of Health Research:

Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

  • Canada's major federal funding agency for health research. This project was funded by two of the institutes:

Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (IAPH)

    • supports research to address the special health needs of Canada's Aboriginal people

Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH)

    • supports research into the complex interactions (biological, social, cultural, environmental) which determine the health of individuals, communities, and global populations


Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation:

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF)

    • provincial government-funded agency responsible for funding health research in Saskatchewan
    • encourages and facilitates research in the health sciences, health-related social sciences, and other health-related fields
    • provides funding to individuals and agencies working on research projects that are consistent with a provincial health research strategy


Northern Medical Services:

Northern Medical Services (NMS), University of Saskatchewan

    • one of three divisions of the Dept. of Family Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
    • works with district Health Boards and Tribal Councils in the north to liaise with other health care personnel, local community committees and other agencies who provide services to the community