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Education students participate in Re-Imagine Education with STF Executives

n November 2018, the STF Senior Administrative and Executive staff visited the U of R to deliver a Re-Imagine Education workshop to Instructor Julie Machnaik’s pre-intern students. ESS President Laura Bieber made the arrangements to have the workshop presented. STF Administrator Withman Jaigobin said that it isn’t typical for the STF to deliver the workshops, and especially not typical for the STF Executive and Administrative staff to deliver the workshop. This was a special occasion. STF staff presenting the workshop also included President Patrick Maze and Debbie Ward. Following the workshop, students were invited to a focus group with Communications Officer Shuana Niessen to talk about their visions for the future of education. STF staff demonstrated their interest in hearing from students about the future of Education. Students really appreciated the chance for their views of education to be heard.

Education Students’ Society President Laura Bieber speaks about her involvement in bringing the STF Re-Imagine session to the U of R.

STF President Patrick Maze explains the idea behind bringing the Re-Imagine Education initiative to Education students at the U of R.

Some Faculty of Education, University of Regina students participate in a focus group following the Re-Imagine Education workshop facilitated by STF Senior Administrators.

Student gatherings

Wednesday, November 8 was a busy night for the Faculty of Education. Education Students’ Society organized a Bowling night for students, faculty, and staff. The event was well attended and pizza well enjoyed. Graduate students held a potluck and students attended from as far away as Nunavut (NTEP)!  TEP (Teacher Education Program) graduate students were here for a TEP Indigenous Knowledge Exchange.

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Education Student’s Society Hosts Bowling Night

On Friday evening, the Education Student’s Society (ESS) hosted a Bowling Night for faculty, staff, and students. A large group turned out for the event to enjoy the food and fun provided. This was one of many events organized by our active ESS this year. Students have enjoyed pancake breakfasts, games, and galas, to name a few. These events are beneficial for bringing students from across disciplines together to get to know each other as well as allowing students to get to know the faculty and staff. If you don’t already, follow the ESS on Twitter @ureginaess or Facebook:



Education Student Society (ESS) Welcome Week Events!


Join the ESS for our Welcome Week Events September 9-11

Wednesday and Thursday – Start your day with a Pancake Breakfast in the Ed Lounge from 8:30-10:30!

Wednesday – Join us out on the Green for “Recess” from 11-4!

Thursday – Come out for Sundaes in the Ed Lounge from 1-3!

Friday – Open Lounge – Join us for games, pizza and fun all day!

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2015-2016 Executive

Here is your current E.S.S. Executive and Council. If you are interested in learning about a position and/or volunteering for a position, please contact the President.


President – Brooke Korchinski (
VP Professional Affairs – Logan Amundson
VP Communications – Kendra Leier 9ureginaess@gmail.com0
VP Social – Mike Zylak
VP Finance – Dacy Vance
Secretary – Brandon Debert

General Council

Social Rep: Catlyn Todorovich
Social Rep: vacant
Communications Rep: Aysha Yaqoob
Professional Affairs Rep: Zoey Yanush
Professional Affairs Rep: vacant
STF Rep: Emma Olsen
STF Rep: vacant
Finance Rep: vacant
Project Connect Rep: Jenny Brouwers
Project Connect Rep: Matthew Chamberlain
Elementary Rep: vacant
Middle Years Rep: vacant
Secondary Rep: Amanda Filipchuk
Arts Education Rep: vacant
Music Education Rep: vacant
Baccalauréat en education Rep: vacant
HOPE Rep: vacant
STARS Rep: vacant
SUNTEP Rep: vacant
Mentorship Director: vacant
Mentorship Director: vacant