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Bereavement Notice | Life Speaker Noel Starblanket

On April 15, we were given the sad news of the passing of Life Speaker Noel Starblanket who enriched our lives with his wisdom and patience, teaching faculty and students while serving as Elder-in-Residence, and in walking with us over the years. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Noel Starblanket. The Life Celebration and viewing will be held at First Nations University on Thursday, April 18 from 12-2pm. There will be a Wake at White Buffalo Calf Gymnasium in Lebret at 4pm. A Traditional Funeral will take place on Friday, April 19 at 11am in Lebret.


Life Speaker Noel Starblanket speaking at #treatyedcamp
Life Speaker Noel Starblanket with emerging-Elder-in Residence Joseph Naytowhow
(L-R) Naomi Fortier-Fréçon, Noel Starblanket, and Leia Laing

Life Speaker Noel Starblanket served as an Elder-in-Residence for the Faculty of Education from Sept. 2016 to April 2017. He walked alongside us to provide wisdom, guidance, and care as we Indigenized our space, curriculum and practices. Noel was especially significant as an advisor in the creation of the Nanatawihowikamik Healing Lodge, a SHRF- and Faculty-funded project that took Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose and Dr. Angela McGinnis over two years to complete (See Decolonizing Place story)

Noel was also an advisor to the ongoing Horse-Human Relationship research being done by Dr. Angela McGinnis and her grad student Kelsey Moore. (See Opening a doorway to culture story)

As a survivor/thriver of Lebret Indian Residential School, Noel was featured in the Shattering the Silence: The Hidden History of Indian Residential Schools ebook published by our Faculty in 2017 (see Noel Starblanket )

Among his many teaching activities, Noel participated in #treatyedcamps, the Resistance and Reconciliation Fishbowl Panel and the Walking Together Day of Education

For the alumni Leia Laing and Naomi Fortier-Fréçon (also a grad student) working on the award-winning Treaty4Project, Noel,  “was essential in the creation of this educational project.”

Noel Starblanket was central in guiding the teachers in their understanding of treaty and the history of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Naomi Fortier-Fréçon says, “His presence allowed us to learn in a personal way about the importance of treaties. He also guided us regarding the respect of Indigenous protocols and offered support to our students.” Because of his essential role, the teachers invited Starblanket to go to Ottawa with them to receive the Governor General’s History Award. Starblanket says, “I didn’t expect to go. I was merely doing my job, helping out the students and the teachers and I didn’t expect any recognition or acknowledgment. When they asked me to go, I was thrilled.” Starblanket was also happy the teachers were being “recognized for what they were doing for treaty education in the province,” especially because of where they were teaching, in a middle-class school in which the majority of students were non-Indigenous. “I was pleased to help them understand and to impart what I have acquired over the years about treaty. … I hold them dear and close to my heart. What they do—they are very generous. I love them, both of them,” says Starblanket (Treaty4Project )

In the news:

Faculty-Based Research Centre Funding

General Research Fund

Language Camps team
Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson
Dr. Xia Ji
Dr. Cristyne Hébert
  • Language Camps as an Indigenous language revitalization strategy: The nêhiyawak (Cree peoples) Language Learning Experience – Belinda Daniels (USask); Peter Turner (URegina); Randy Morin (USask); Bill Cook (URegina); Dorothy Thunder (UAlberta); and Andrea Sterzuk (URegina) – $4,440
  • Developing a community of practice during internship – Pamela Osmond-Johnson, and Xia Ji – $4,725
  • Fostering a maker mindset through pedagogical practices – Cristyne Hébert, Trevor Hlushko, Amy Singh, and Aaron Warner- $5,000

Community-Engagement Research Fund

Dr. Andrea Sterzuk
Dr. Anna-Leah King
Cheryl Quewezance
  • A study of a land-based and ceremonial mentor-apprentice approach to Saulteaux language revitalization – Andrea Sterzuk, Anna-Leah King, and Cheryl Quewezance – $4,500

Study of Teaching and Learning Fund

Dr. Kathryn Ricketts
  • Tent talks and hallways interventions – Kathryn Ricketts – $1,750

Knowledge Mobilization Fund

Dr. Anna-Leah King
Dr. Heather Phipps
Dr. Cristyne Hébert
Dr. Marc Spooner
Dr. Scott Thompson
  • Dreaming a beautiful world through the truth of âcimowin – Anna-Leah King – $750 and Heather Phipps $750
  • Playing at the margins: Feminist investigations of digital gameplay – Cristyne Hébert – $1,581.96
  • Panel Discussion/Book Engagement: Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education – Marc Spooner, Michelle Fine, Sandy Grande, and Joel Westheimer – $4,063.24
  • Ducks on the Moon: The Musical – Scott Thompson – $5,000

Internationalizing Curriculum Studies | New edited book

Dr. Cristyne Hébert, co-Editor of Internationalizing Curriculum Studies: Histories, Environments, and Critiques, is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina.

Abstract: How do we internationalize that which is deeply provincial and national? Situating our focus on and interest squarely within curriculum studies, how do we internationalize without imperializing or imposing old, colonial, and so-called “First World” conceptualizations of education on teaching, learning, and curriculum? Let us not anticipate simple answers to such complex questions. Being under no illusion that we hold Solomonic wisdom, we editors turned to the wisdom of others. A curricular response to such pedagogical questions is this edited volume.  Download at



PHE Researcher of the month

Once a month the PHE Canada Research Council selects one of its members to profile as Researcher of the Month. Whether it’s a university level teacher, academic, or graduate student, whoever is advancing research centered on topics and issues in physical and health education the Council wants to highlight. Do you know a PHE Canada Research Council member who’s professional ideals & service strengthens the physical and health education sector? Whose research & writing drives change forward? Who’s commitment and dedication to the field?


Researcher of the Month

Dr. Alexandra Stoddart is an Assistant Professor in the Health, Outdoor and Physical Education (HOPE) subject area in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. Before joining the U of R as a faculty member in January 2018, she completed her Ph.D. in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. Alexandra currently teaches HOPE undergraduate courses in both the Elementary and Secondary programs. She enjoys the opportunity to see her students learn, grow, and thrive as they engage in their pre-internship and internship experiences.

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Shortlisted for Saskatchewan Book Awards

Dr. Marc Spooner and Dr. James McNinch. Photo credit: Dr. Vianne Timmons

Congratulations to Marc Spooner and James McNinch, editors of Dissident Knowledge in Higher Education, which has been shortlisted for the 2019 Saskatchewan Book Awards, SaskBooks Publishing in Education Award, University of Regina Press.