Personhood and Resilience in Senior Care


Whether long-term care quality depends most on the qualities of care deliverers or on environmental factors such as staffing levels and workplace culture has been questioned. To date, there has been little research focus on personal factors. However, recent work by our members shows that health providers’ beliefs about personhood in advanced dementia contribute to collaboration in care, approaches to pain management, and resident quality of life. In addition, resilience, a positive response to challenging circumstances, is associated with higher quality of care and more positive beliefs about personhood. 

Cluster Leader

 David Cruise Malloy, Ph.D., Vice-President (Research), University of  Regina, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy, Kinesiology and Health Studies, Principal Investigator for the International Healthcare Ethics Research Team 


Cluster Members

 Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Ph.D., ABPP, FCAHS, Research Chair in Aging and Health and Professor of Psychology

 Paulette Hunter, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, St. Thomas More College,  University of Saskatchewan  

Sample Publications

Hunter, P. V., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Smythe, W. E., Malloy, D. C., Kaasalainen, S., & Williams, J.(2013). The personhood in dementia questionnaire (PDQ): Establishing an association between beliefs about personhood and health providers' approaches to person-centred care. Journal of Aging Studies, 27, 276-287. doi: 10.1016/j.jaging.2013.05.003

Fistein, E., & Malloy, D.C. (2014). Patient First: Ethics and Ontology of Nursing Care. Annals of Nursing & Practice, 1(3), 1013.

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Malloy, D. & Hadjistavropoulos, T. (2004). The problem of pain management among persons with dementia and the ontology of relationships. Nursing Philosophy, 5, 147-159.

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